Four Objectives of Championship Collections Every CEO and CFO Should Know

Some things never change, including the four objectives of Championship Collections that outline the big picture of managing receivables. These four objectives worked twenty years ago and continue to work today. It doesn’t matter if your receivable is one hundred thousand dollars, one million dollars or one billion dollars. It doesn’t matter if you manage it yourself, or if you have a staff of a thousand.

It DOES matter that everyone on your credit and collection management team is on the same page. Continue reading

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Why We Don’t Beat Up Our Debtors

At AmSher we have zero tolerance for customer abuse.

It makes no sense that anyone would think that maltreating customers would allow them to collect more money.

Customers have caller ID, and when you upset them, they can scream all over social media. A nasty collection approach is complete suicide for a company.

Continue reading

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10 Reasons Why Debt Collectors Have the Best Jobs in America

americaBy Martin Sher

In recent years, professional bill collectors have been recognized as having one of the best jobs in America. This fact makes me very proud of my decision to become a professional bill collector instead of following my first dream of becoming a professional pitcher. Continue reading

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David and Martin Sher Win the No Bell Prize

Martin and I have trained tens of thousands of debt collectors all across the United States—from California to New York.

We teach with a simple and unique message—“It’s best to collect debts with compassion.”

We explain to debt collectors that most people are honest and intend to pay their bills.  We teach them that people will pay if you take the time to help them find a solution.

It’s rewarding to help people struggling with debt, but we never expected to receive an unprecedented honor for our efforts. Continue reading

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Being Thanked by a….DEBTOR?

thank you letterWe spend so much time and energy at AmSher teaching our unique compassionate approach to collections, AmSher Compassionate Collections® . It is actually our top priority during our extensive collection training program.

We recognize and reward our collectors for receiving letters of thanks and appreciation for their efforts while helping people with financial and credit challenges.  We have literally gotten hundreds  of thank you letters and emails over the years.    Continue reading

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