Which Creditors Get Paid First?

Any business owner, CEO, or CFO of any  hospital, utility, cellular company, or any other type of business that has responsibility of managing a receivable, should pay close attention to what I am about to tell you. It is absolutely impossible for every industry group to be paid last. When I speak to industry groups, I always like to ask the question…”Which industry gets paid last by their customers?”  Continue reading

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CFPB Collection Rules On the Way: 5 Critical Areas Hospitals Should Examine

MEdical debtWith the implementation of the Affordable Care Act, and the new rules coming for hospitals from the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB), professionals responsible for the management and liquidation of hospital receivables should get a head start.  The entire collection process from beginning to end will need to change, and some of those changes are critical and dramatic.  There are 5 major areas that need to be changed: Continue reading

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It’s Official: AmSher owns “Compassionate Collections®”


On March 14, 2014, AmSher received the official trademark for the words “COMPASSIONATE COLLECTIONS®.” It is ours and ours alone! Compassionate Collections is registered at the US Patent Office as #4490783 in AmSher’s name.  Our goal is to prove that our brand of Compassionate Collections® works in all industries and at all levels of delinquency for commercial as well as consumer collections.

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CFPB Cordray: Why make such a wild unsubstantiated claim?

Richard Cordray, Director of the CFPB

Richard Cordray, Director of the CFPB

On March 21, 2014, CFPB Director Richard Cordray, announced in his annual report, “Consumers should never be hounded about debts they do not owe.”  Who would not agree with that quote, especially credit and collection professionals?  Why in the world would a creditor or collection agency try to collect a debt that is not owed?  It does not make a bit of sense in any kind of way. Continue reading

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And Here’s the Pitch! Debt Collectors Best Jobs in America

pitchThe US News and World Report ranked professional bill collectors as the 11th best job out of the top 100 jobs in America.  It made me very proud of my decision to become a professional bill collector instead of following my first dream of pitching professionally.  It’s funny how things seem to work out for the best.  I’ve spent many years in the credit and collection industry and I know our profession can’t be beat. If you don’t believe me, read these eleven reasons and I’m sure you’ll be convinced.


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You Don’t Have to Beat Up Your Debtors to Collect Money

Morris Sher

Morris Sher

At AmSher we have zero tolerance for customer abuse.

It makes no sense that anyone would think that maltreating customers would collect more money.

Customers have caller ID and call block and when you upset them, they can scream all over social media.  A nasty collection approach is complete suicide for a company.

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Medical Debt’s Need for a Compassionate Touch

Martin Sher, AmSher co-CEOMedical debt is the number one cause of personal bankruptcy in America.  What a heartbreaking statistic.

The National Center for Health Statistics at the Center’s for Disease Control and Prevention recently published some startling statistics on medical debt:

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