Top 5 Benefits of Working with a Commercial Collections Debt Management Company

timeTime is the weapon of the debtor.  The longer you give a debtor to pay, the less likely they are to pay.

Research indicates that the chance of collecting a debt decreases 12% per month for every month delinquent.

Once you come to the realization you are unable to collect unpaid debts on your own, it becomes time to enlist a debt management company.  A collection agency can get money that you (the client) can’t get.

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My #1 Tip for B2B Collections

#1Many times employees are so interested in making the sale that they don’t think through how the customer is supposed to pay.  They’re afraid if they bring up the terms of payment that they’re going to scare the customer off, and so you’re stuck with unpaid debts. In this blog we’re going to discuss a few ways to avoid being a victim of the same, all too familiar, situation.

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You Can Lose Half Your Weight and Half Your Debt in Half the Time

AmericanFlagThe new American Dream for millions of Americans is to be both skinny and debt free.  Millions of books have been published about being skinny.   And millions of books have been written about being debt free.  But very few books, if any, have been written about both losing weight and getting out of debt at the exact same time.  David and I committed ourselves to putting this all together in our skinny and debt free blog at .  We are marrying philosophies of Dr. Oz with Dave Ramsey: Weight Watchers with Clark Howard; and Susie Ormond with Dr. Atkins.  We have literally researched hundreds of diet books, and have had experience getting hundreds of thousands of people out of debt over the last 40 years. So, we came to the conclusion we owed it to everyone to share some of our ideas and thoughts on the skinny and debt free blog.

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4 Immediate Cash Generating Tips to Increase the Value of Your Business Receivables

cashBusiness receivables are not like a fine wine. They don’t get better with age.  To make the point, call up your commercial loan officer, and ask how much you can borrow by putting up all of your 90-day old accounts receivable as collateral.  I am pretty sure the answer would be $0.00.  So don’t wait, get started collecting your business receivables early.

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Most COMPASSIONATE Collection Agency Headquartered in COMPASSIONATELY Ranked City

birminghamI couldn’t have been more surprised if you’d hit me over the head with a hammer.   I stared at the headlines for a few minutes before it sank in.

Our home city, Birmingham, Alabama, has been recognized by mylife as the 4th most compassionate city in America.

What’s so startling was not that Birmingham had been recognized as compassionate–everyone who lives here is aware of the generosity and kindness of our people.

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